Free Dogs

Nothing can compare to the unwavering love and loyalty between a dog and his owner. When a dog has a loving home, he is a wonderful companion, protector and friend; but sadly too many dogs are without homes, and if there aren't any to be found they must be euthanized. There is no reason this has to happen though, especially when there are so many dogs for free.

Shelters and dog rescues across the United States are fighting a daily battle, by taking animals off of the streets, and altering them to prevent further breeding and to control future over population before placing them in homes. Many dog rescues offer free dogs to loving homes, which is a much better alternative to paying for one in these tough economic times. In fact you can find almost any breed you could want at a rescue, just as easily as if you were looking to purchase. Maybe even easier.

We have compiled a list of dog rescues by state, to launch you in the right direction to bringing home your free dog. These rescues have taken in thousands of dogs, treated them, cared for them and prepared them to be welcomed into your family. We have simplified the process of finding a free dog at a rescue in your state by putting all of the information for you right here, in one place.

Dogs of all ages are available, and all temperaments. Be sure to consult with the rescue staff about the dog you choose, especially if you have children. They will have been exposed to the animal's behavior, and would be able to advise if an animal would not be a wise choice in a home with children. As always, they can only make a recommendation and not a guarantee, so care, caution and supervision should always be used when children are around animals.

Dogs for Free in Your Area

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